Vasilii was an immortal child created by Sasha, and the reason why both of them were killed by the Volturi.


Vasilii was born during the plague of the immortal children, long before the time of Carlisle Cullen. He was considered to be part of the Denali Coven, even though Sasha kept his existence a secret. Sasha had three daughters who never knew of Vasilii and were innocent in the eyes of the Volturi.

The Volturi executed Vasilii and Sasha, due to the danger he created to the vampire community, with Tanya, Irina and Kate as witnesses. As a result, the three sisters obeyed the law of their kind without flaw or fear of punishment

Megan Cullen safe Vasilii denali fuam the volturi Megan toock Vasilii away Fuem jan

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