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Tia (Angela Serafyan)

Tia, Benjamin's mate, was a quiet woman as well, though when she did speak there was great insight and gravity to everything she said."
Bella Cullen, on Tia.[src]

Tia is a vampire member of the Egyptian Coven. Her mate is Benjamin and they helped witness for the Cullens in the Renesmee crisis.


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Early Life[2]EditEdit

Tia was turned into a vampire during her teenage years. Eventually, she became Benjamin's mate.

Breaking Dawn[3]EditEdit

Main article: Breaking Dawn

Tia goes with her coven to see the Cullens after being prompted by Carlisle and Esme, and agrees with Benjamin to help them testify against the Volturi's accusation. Tia remains with the Cullens and their allies after Amun and his mate Kebi left before the end of confrontation with the Volturi, and is quick to follow afterwards.

Physical appearance[4]EditEdit

She is described as having an olive tone of skin and midnight-colored hair.


She is described as a quiet and very intelligent woman, with great insight in what she says.



Main article: Benjamin
Main article: Benjamin and Tia

Benjamin is Tia's mate in the Egyptian coven. They have been together since before the beginning of Breaking Dawn. When Benjamin chooses to stay and help the Cullens, Tia chooses to stay of her own free will, partly because she wants to stay with Benjamin, but also because of her belief in right and wrong. Like most mates after the confrontation, Tia and Benjamin embrace each other for their victory and then depart to find Amun and Kebi.

Film portrayal[8]EditEdit

[9]Angela Sarafyan

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Actress Angela Sarafyan will be playing the part of Tia in the upcoming Breaking Dawn movie.