Spider-man is down the back

The Spider-Man was a newborn vampire whose name remained unknown throughout the novella: The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. He took on the title of "Spider-Man", a Marvel superhero, and was called so throughout the rest of the book.

He was specifically created as an addition to Victoria's army.


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Biography [1]EditEdit

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner[2]EditEdit

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This vampire first appeared when he went hunting in the bad neighborhoods of Seattle with Kevin, Bree and Diego, argued with Kevin about whose superhero figure was the best, and climbed the walls imitating Spider-Man's moves, before Kevin found a prey and fought for it with "Spider-Man".

Right before their fight with the Cullens, he got into a fight with another vampire named Sara, and got killed.

Physical appearance[3]EditEdit

The "Spider-Man" kid was known to have blond hair.


He was depicted as a cocky vampire who enjoyed burning his own kind and fighting within the group. This is partly due to his nature as a newborn vampire.

He used the alias "Spider-Man" because this was his favorite superhero: he would often imitate Spider-Man by climbing on walls. &nbsp