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Maria's Newborn Army

Founding information
Founding time

1860's (during the Civil War)



Founded by


Membership information
  • Maria (leader)
  • Lucy
  • Nettie
  • Jasper Hale (joined the Olympic Coven)
  • Peter (left with Charlotte)
  • Charlotte (left with Peter)
  • Benito (deceased)
  • Kendall (Deceased)
  • Richard (deceased)
  • Michelle (deceased)
  • Katie (deceased)
  • Jack (deceased)
  • Jackie (deceased)
  • Phil (deceased)
  • Robert (deceased)
  • Leon (deceased)
  • Rick (deceased)
  • Lily (deceased)
Special characteristics
Special abilities

Newborn vampire army of Mexico

Maria was a vampire who raised a newborn army with two stray vampires who were left alone because of the newborn wars, Lucy and Nettie.


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[2]Maria's Newborn Army

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The coven was formed by three female vampires: Maria, Lucy, and Nettie, in Mexico. During one of the wars, they lost their territory and fled. Sometime after they retreated, the girls met Jasper Hale (then known as "Jasper Whitlock") and Maria decided to change him into a vampire, hoping to make him useful for her army. Over night, they created an army of newborn vampires and reclaimed their old territory with few casualties. Later on, they continued to attack their neighbor territories, by continuously creating newborns and disposing those who become useless after their first year. Jasper became Maria's favorite soldier due to his fighting skills and his powers to influence others' feelings.

The group was later rocked when Nettie and Lucy attempted to rebel against Maria. This failed by Maria and Jasper's joined effort, and Lucy and Nettie died.

Every year, Maria ordered Jasper to dispose of the vampires that have almost lived up to their year mark as a vampire and have no further reason to remain in the coven. During one of these dispositions, a newborn, Charlotte, was sentenced to die, but she fled Mexico instead with Peter, Jasper's comrade in Maria's coven who had fallen in love with her. Jasper chose to let them flee. A few years later, they returned to visit Jasper and told him about life up North. They convinced Jasper to leave Maria's savage coven and eventually join the Olympic Coven.

Known members[3]EditEdit

  • Maria - leader of the coven
  • Lucy - deceased
  • Nettie - deceased
  • Jasper Whitlock - former member with the power of emotion manipulation, joined the Olympic Coven
  • Peter - former member
  • Charlotte - former member
  • Benito - Deceased