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Maria is a nomadic vampire, the creator of Jasper Hale, and the former leader of an army of newborn vampires.


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History [1]EditEdit


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While looking for humans she could transform for her newborn army during the Civil War, Maria found Jasper Whitlock, a major in the Confederate army. Using the the idea pioneered by Benito, she used the army to fight for territory in the Southern vampire wars.

After Jasper's transformation, she soon found him to be very useful in training, disciplining, and leading the other newborns. Using his supernatural talent to control emotions, he made the newborns cooperate with one another. With Jasper, Nettie and Lucy, Maria's army began working together better and their army began winning back the territories she had previously lost as well as other Mexican territories belonging to other vampire clans. However, soon she became greedy and sought to extend her control further. Jasper, who she had placed as her second-in-command, was very close her, and thought of her as a god-like figure.

Jasper was often rewarded by Maria, especially for helping her defeat Nettie and Lucy when they rebelled. In the film they are portrayed as being romantically involved, with Jasper believing that she had truly loved him. He later discovered that Maria never felt that way towards him and only used him as her "puppet". One night, Maria ordered Jasper to kill all of the newborns who showed no potential to remain in her coven. It made Jasper sick and depressed to do this, and so, he later ran away with two other members of Maria's army, Peter and Charlotte, whom he had let escape years before.

It is unknown what became of Maria, although in the Midnight Sun draft Edward mentions that she once sought the Cullens out when they were in Calgary, prompting them to move again; Jasper politely told her to keep her distance in the future. Jasper also asks Peter and Charlotte to tell Maria that he wishes her well, should they meet her again, so it can be assumed that Maria is still alive. It is unknown whether she is still creating newborn vampires.

Physical description [3]EditEdit

In Eclipse, Maria is described as a tiny brunette with a soft and musical voice with a tendency to be sharp. In the movies, she has black hair and is of Mexican descent. Furthermore, while she is only mentioned in the book, she actually appears in the movie.


Jasper Whitlock[5]EditEdit


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While helping fight, win and recruit more vampires in her coven, Jasper grew fond of Maria, while she only pretended to return the feelings. This was because, unlike Alice Cullen, who loved him for what he was, Maria found him useful in controlling and killing the newborn vampires of her army