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1.Jacob Black

2.Embry Call

3.Seth Clearwater

4.Leah Clearwater

5.Quil Ateara

6.Marie Ateara

7.Helena Clearwater

8.Shawn Markson

9.Rachel Black

10.Rebecca Black

11.Sarah Markson


Jacob Black's Pack is formed when Sam Uley and his pack planned to kill Bella and Renesmee in Breaking Dawn. Jacob was ready to kill Renesmee, but could not do so with Bella for he still had feelings for her. Seth Clearwater soon joined, not thinking it was right to attack their allies with no warning nor provocation. His sister Leah joined soon afterwards to get away from Sam Uley and the memories of their failed relationship, and wound up becoming the pack's Beta. They were instrumental in helping the Olympic Coven hunt in case Sam's pack was out looking for the Cullens and also to protect Bella during her pregnancy. Jacob and Sam's packs resolved their tension when Jacob imprinted on Renesmee.

Afterwards, Jacob's pack claims the protection of Forks and the Cullens as their jobs. While Jacob originally wanted to live as a wolf for a while and Leah decided to join him, the rest of the pack was bound to return to La Push; the plan was canceled when Jacob imprinted on Renesmee.

This pack stood beside the Cullens during the confrontation with the Volturi. They were also joined by Sam's pack which had grown in number since Jacob left. On this occasion, it was revealed that the pack was actually composed by shapeshifters who could change into wolves, instead of actual werewolves.

Members [1]EditEdit

In addition to Jacob, Seth and Leah, the pack comprises Quil Ateara and Embry Call. Leah eventually became the second-in-command of the pack, also called the "Beta" by Bella Swan.

Member Image Extra Capability
Jacob Black Jacob Black Alpha voice
Leah Clearwater Leah Clearwater Fastest runner
Seth Clearwater Seth Clearwater Improved hearing
Embry Call Embry Call
Quil Ateara Quil Ateara