"If we live through this, I'll follow you anywhere, woman."
―Garrett to Kate.[src]

Garrett is an adventurer and a nomadic vampire of America. He joined the Denali Coven in Breaking Dawn after their confrontation with the Volturi.


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Breaking Dawn[1]EditEdit

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Garrett was called to witness for the Cullen family when confronted by the Volturi. It is implied that he was created around the time of the American Revolutionary War, alluding to his fighting as an American Patriot. Though without special talent, Garrett enjoyed challenges. He was intrigued by the Cullens and the Denali coven's lifestyle of drinking animal blood instead of human blood. While in the company of the witnesses, he challenged Kate to test her power on him. She was successful in making him fall on his knees in pain. He later told Aro that he believed abstaining from human blood can be aid powerfully in vampire bonding. At the same time, he also learned about this lifestyle through Kate, of the Denali coven. The two bonded quickly, and it was Garrett who bore Kate's ability when he successfully stopped her from attacking the Volturi (which would likely have resulted in her death). Eventually, when the Volturi left, he joined the Denali's and became her mate.

Physical appearance[2]EditEdit

Garrett was described as a tall, rangy vampire with eager ruby eyes and long sandy hair tied back in a ponytail. To Kate, he is described as very handsome.

Personality and traits [3]EditEdit

Bella describes him as a surprisingly good teacher, in general easily interacting with others. Garrett is apparently very adventurous and likely very curious, as evidenced by his acceptance to Kate's challenge to experience her ability and later to assume vegetarianism. Also, he compares the Cullens fighting the Volturi to America and England during the Revolutionary War.



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Kate is a vampire of the Denali Coven, who has the gift to shock others with an electrical current. When Garrett first meets her family, he becomes interested with their lifestyle. Eventually, he feels curious about Kate's gift and allows her to shock him to test his endurance. The shock sends him on his knees, but he finds it as "something". At the end of Breaking Dawn, he becomes Kate's mate and moves to Denali with her coven.

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He will be portrayed by Lee Pace in the upcoming second half of Breaking Dawn.