Alistair (Joe Anderson)

Alistair is an English nomadic vampire, and a friend of Carlisle Cullen. He is gifted with a unique tracking ability that allows him to sense living beings (presumably humans, vampires and animals) at a distance further than most vampires can.


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Personality and physical appearance[1]EditEdit

He is described as tall and dark-haired, with a misanthropic and brooding personality. Alistair is deeply mistrustful of all authority and counts Carlisle as his closest acquaintance. However, he can't stand to visit more than once a century. During the events of Breaking Dawn, he leaves before the Volturi arrive to accuse the Cullens, despite his promise to act as a witness on their behalf.

Breaking Dawn[2]EditEdit

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Alistair briefly appeared in Breaking Dawn. He agreed to be a witness for Renesmee, but only grudgingly. He kept to himself through the month of waiting, mostly staying in the attic which was his 'favourite place to sulk'. He disappeared before the Volturi arrived. He feared the Volturi were not going to accept the situation and would find another excuse to eliminate them despite no laws being broken. He also could sense the number traveling with the Volturi.

Powers and abilities[3]EditEdit

Sensory Attraction[4]EditEdit

Main article: Sensory Attraction

Alistair's ability falls into the tracking category, he feels an elusive pull towards a person's location which helps him find that person. It is also implied that he can feel the people around him, making it very difficult to sneak up on him.

Etymology [5]EditEdit

Diminutive of Alexander, meaning "defending men". This is perhaps ironic because even though Alistair agreed to help the Cullens, he ran away instead of defending them.

Appearances [6]EditEdit

[7]Joe Anderson

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Film Portrayal[8]EditEdit

Alistair will be portrayed by actor Joe Anderson in the second half of Breaking Dawn.